October 2020


Wagers are complicated and confusing terms in sports betting. However, they are the only way to understand the probability of winning. A better understanding of different sports bets can help the bettor to get more profit on every bet.

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Let us understand different sports betting –

Straight Bets

These are the most common bets in sports betting like football and basketball and are based on point spread betting lines. Here, favourites and underdogs are the two parameters for betting. You can bet on favourites to surrender the points or put a bet on the underdog to get the points. The favourites must cross the point spread whereas the underdogs must reach the point spread or stay below to make the bettor win.

Total Line Bets

In this case, the bookmaker sets a number for the sum of final score of both the teams. The bettor can place the money on the actual score of both the teams that may fall under or over the set number. For example, a game has 50 as spread point (bookmaker’s set line) and you bet for under the point spread. If the final scores of both the teams are under 50, you win the bet else you lose.

Money-line Bets

These are primarily used for baseball and hockey betting. In money-line bets, you place your money for the final winning result irrespective of point spread. It mainly depends upon your probability of picking the favourites and underdogs correctly.

Parlay Bets

Here, the bettor has to win several bets to get a return against the betting odds of the bookmaker. You can pick more teams for more profit. Parley bets possess high risks of betting. The betting odds depend upon your total number of picks.

There are different forms of parlay bets like teasers and pleasers based on the combining process of several picks.

Head-to-Head Bets

These are popular bets for sports like horse riding and golf. A bet is placed between the two competitors for getting a better rank than each other in the gameplay. The competitor has to finish at a higher position irrespective of their wins among all other competitors.