May 2021


Arcades have been always the place where many people were looking for amusement or just idling the time away. Many games became very popular and then simply vanished. Many young players are rather choosing to play online games because there are easily accessible and everyone can enjoy them from the comfort of their home. But thanks to the many new fishing games arcades are starting to fill up again and their popularity is raising. Many people are looking for an adventure in dark deepnesses of the ocean or just want to enjoy swimming in blue waves of the sea. It’s not only young people who are becoming obsessed with new fishing machines and games but many seniors also found their way to the arcades and started to enjoy the never-ending summer in fishing games.

It doesn’t matter if it’s game field fish machine or ocean paradise fishing machine. All of them are incredibly popular and for many players, it’s almost impossible to stop playing. It’s a way how to earn some money and have some fun at the same time. It will also help you to develop your perception and fast reflexes. For many seniors, it’s a way how to keep their mind active and practice their observation skills. Fishing machines also support your motoric skills and the ability to stay focused and fully concentrated.

In these games, you can discover the beautiful ocean full of fish and other sea creatures and try to beat some big sharks or giant octopuses. You can dive into the scary darkness of the ocean or just try to collect as many shells as possible. Fishing games offer you all this and many other possibilities on how to have fun and experience an adventure. So don’t hesitate any longer and explore one of the famous fishing games today.

Today, online slot games have attained vast popularity. Especially, players are more favored towards online slot games. Before some years, online gambling games are considered a chance to win real betting. The online gambling game has grown gradually with its more interesting factors. The superslot is considered to be slot games service provider to be played with interest by online gamblers. The สล็อต games are flexible as they are available for any time. These slot games can attract players with more benefits such as safety, comfortableness, etc.

Play on the reliable website:

If you want to play on a reliable online gambling site, you need to choose a player online gambling site based on the user’s feedback. It is really important to be conscious while choosing sites. While choosing online casino sites, you may select several factors. Especially, you can feel easy to select an online สล็อต based on whether the site got the license. Online gambling commission permits particular sites based on its trust policy. If you can choose those kinds of sites, you can play without any fear of betting or data insecurity. Few sites offer complete data security with user’s data. It needs you to research more on sites to play slot games. It is worth your time because it gives you the ability to choose the best site. Superslot can enjoy betting in a faster and safer to play slot.

Category of slot games:

Of course, players are classified into major divisions based on their mode of playing. Some players may play for fun and some players may play for real money. Players are advised to choose sites especially based on these facts. If you want to play for fun, you may relax, but if you want to bet real money with slot games, you need to verify with site’s confidentiality. A reliable site is committed to the best transaction processes. With the trust-making site, you can enjoy both withdrawal and deposit options easily. However, there are also some other factors while choosing sites. Players may choose a site based on the availability of options under slot games. Some superslot online sites will provide lists of more slot games along with tips to play slot games. This is to encourage players. With these kinds of sites, you do not need to have enough experience to play slot games. Independent of whether you are an experienced player or a new player, you have to select slot games.

Today, people are enjoying the gambling game play simply from the comfort of their home without getting into the casino hall. Unlike the real casino hall, the online mode of the gambling offers you the vast range of the games along with the exciting features. Even though you can explore the different kinds of the slotxo ฟรีเครดิต games, roulette is considered as one of the most interesting games. In this article, you are going to see the entire facts about this roulette gambling game in clear.

The arrival of the internet has made the enthusiasts to enjoy the roulette game and reap the benefits without need to go to the casino gambling hall or any other land based casinos. But, you can simply play from the comfort of your home. So, you need not to wait for more time to enjoy the roulette game. This is because that the internet is accessible for 24 hours a day and therefore, you can get enjoy with the game in the simplest manner as you want.

Types of the games

Actually, this roulette game was discovered by a mathematician and it entertains the people who look for the strategy. However, this game is fully based on the luck and so it gives the thrilling and shocking results in most of the cases. Of course, these roulette games are also available in the different variations and let’s see those kinds in clear.

  • American roulette – The American roulette wheel has 00 pocket added with the 0 pocket. In this kind of the roulette game, the odds of the winnings are 1 to 38. Added with the 00 spot, the American roulette wheels are differing from the European wheel. Here, the numbers are placed in the sequential or the logical order.
  • European roulette – In this type of the roulette, the numbers on the wheel are ranging from 0 to 36. So, the players can attain the benefits unlike the American roulette game.
  • Casino roulette – Las Vegas Casinos often offer the American Roulette game. When the player knows the differences in the odds between the European and the American roulette wheels, the player can navigate with both of the game’s variations.
  • Rapid roulette – This kind of the rapid roulette game offers the live dealer games with the touch screen betting prompts. Most of the players find this option so fascinating at the first glance.

All these kinds of the roulette games are so interesting and so anyone can choose those games to enjoy the games. However, it is really essential to have a clear idea about the game play before you are going to choose the game. Fortunately, there are some online pages that offer you the guidance to know the rules of the game. Therefore, you can simply access such online sites for enjoying the online games.

If you want to enjoy the slotxo ฟรีเครดิต games, then you have to consider the online page. You can explore the internet page to get more rules and regulations through the roulette games.

Defining a forex spread

A spread is an essential element in forex trading, and every trader must understand how it works. It involved two prices that we call the bid price and ask price. A forex broker will give you a quote about these two separately for a currency pair. When we say bid price, we refer to a price that one can sell the base currency. The ask price refers to the price to purchase the base currency. If we subtract these two, the difference is what we call the spread. A spread is also known as the bid-ask spread.

 Tell me more about the forex spread!

Sometimes, the forex broker earns through a bid-ask spread by putting markup in the buy and sell price of the currency pair that a trader prefers. We can use any other business as an analogy with the way forex brokers earn money. The forex broker makes money by providing his products or services.

Let us think about the currency pair that you want to buy as their product. The forex broker makes money by selling this currency pair by selling it more than the amount that they paid for it. In another scenario, let us assume that you are the one selling the currency pair. They will buy it from you at $10, but they sell it later on for $12. If we subtract $10 and $12, the difference will be $2, and $2 is what we call the spread in this scenario.

So, if you are too new in trading, you might fall into a forex broker’s sweet words saying that they charge no commissions because, for most circumstances, it is simply not true since they make money by the spread. It is a misleading idea because even when it is true that there is no separate commission fee, you still technically pay, and it is already together in the bid-ask spread.

How does one measure a forex spread?

One can measure a forex spread by using pips. The smallest possible unit of a currency pair’s price movement is teh pip. Usually, a currency pair’s one pip is equal to 0.0001. It holds the fourth place to the left of the decimal point. Only the Japanese Yen’s pip is placed two decimal places after the decimal point (0.01). The pip also moves on the third place after the decimal point if there is a fractional pip.

 For example, a change of one pip in a EUR/ USD pair is 1.1234/ 1.1235. Let us break down all the elements:

  • Base currency = EUR
  • Quote currency = USD
  • Bid price = 1.1234
  • Ask price = 1.1235
  • Spread: 1.1235 – 1.1234 = 0.0001 (spread of 1 pip)
  • Pip = 1 change of a pip

Let us also cite an example of a Japanese Yen pip where the currency pair USD/ JPY is at 110.00/ 110.02.

  • Base currency = USD
  • Quote currency = JPY
  • Bid price = 11.00
  • Ask price = 11.02
  • Spread: 11.02 – 11.00 = 0.02 (spread of 2 pips)
  • Pip = 2 change of pips

To cap it off

A forex broker’s spread may be different from another forex broker. Forex brokers from other trading platforms have different ways and styles on the way they earn their money.

People have devised more than one way to be successful in trading. A few of these ways are market analyses. A market analysis helps develop trading ideas that they can use to make the right move and go home with hefty profits.

The three types of market analysis

There are generally three kinds of market analysis, and we have listed them in the enumeration below:

  • Technical analysis
  • Fundamental analysis
  • Sentiment analysis

Today, we will tackle the second one, which is the fundamental analysis that tackles social, economic, and political topics.

What is fundamental analysis?

Fundamental analysis is a study of economic data, news reports, and news headlines that affect a price and its direction. Today, there is the massive and comprehensive use of advanced technology like computers, handheld phones, electronic devices, and the internet. Due to this fact, social media ad people can also impact the prices and currency pairs that we trade. Even some of the world’s leaders make remarks and comments about anything under the sun that can massively impact the price direction of a particular currency.

The forex market can be massively affected by economic, social, and political matters. People, especially traders, are monitoring these elements since these can affect the way we trade.

Economics and forex trading

In economics, the main focus is supply and demand as it determines the price. In forex trading, we also look at the angle of supply and demand since it can also determine the exchange rate. If we know which direction the supply and demand go, we will also see where the price heads.

But the question is: how do we know the direction of supply and demand? There are a lot of factors that may determine the status of different economies. Some of these factors include certain events like unemployment and recession. If a country experiences a recession, then the economy is affected. It is like a domino effect since the monetary policy will also get involved, then, later on, this country’s currency demand will also get affected.

So, we can conclude that if a country’s current and the future economic state looks like it is going well, then the currency will also be strong. If the current and future economy is looking at recessions and other problems, then there will be less demand for the currency, making it weak. As a country’s economy strengthens, it is automatic that more foreigners will be interested in investing with them. So, these foreigners will need to buy more of that country’s currency to have the items they want to support.

To summarize fundamental analysis

If a country’s economy is going well, it may need to raise its interest rates to control inflation. Higher interest rates mean more attraction for that country’s financial assets. Traders and investors need to buy the country’s currency first to get these assets. The country’s currency becomes in demand and will be more robust than the others with lesser demand. Fundamental analysis studies these angles in trading. Trading is not just prediction and pure luck. A good trading decision has a solid basis.