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Defining a forex spread

A spread is an essential element in forex trading, and every trader must understand how it works. It involved two prices that we call the bid price and ask price. A forex broker will give you a quote about these two separately for a currency pair. When we say bid price, we refer to a price that one can sell the base currency. The ask price refers to the price to purchase the base currency. If we subtract these two, the difference is what we call the spread. A spread is also known as the bid-ask spread.

 Tell me more about the forex spread!

Sometimes, the forex broker earns through a bid-ask spread by putting markup in the buy and sell price of the currency pair that a trader prefers. We can use any other business as an analogy with the way forex brokers earn money. The forex broker makes money by providing his products or services.

Let us think about the currency pair that you want to buy as their product. The forex broker makes money by selling this currency pair by selling it more than the amount that they paid for it. In another scenario, let us assume that you are the one selling the currency pair. They will buy it from you at $10, but they sell it later on for $12. If we subtract $10 and $12, the difference will be $2, and $2 is what we call the spread in this scenario.

So, if you are too new in trading, you might fall into a forex broker’s sweet words saying that they charge no commissions because, for most circumstances, it is simply not true since they make money by the spread. It is a misleading idea because even when it is true that there is no separate commission fee, you still technically pay, and it is already together in the bid-ask spread.

How does one measure a forex spread?

One can measure a forex spread by using pips. The smallest possible unit of a currency pair’s price movement is teh pip. Usually, a currency pair’s one pip is equal to 0.0001. It holds the fourth place to the left of the decimal point. Only the Japanese Yen’s pip is placed two decimal places after the decimal point (0.01). The pip also moves on the third place after the decimal point if there is a fractional pip.

 For example, a change of one pip in a EUR/ USD pair is 1.1234/ 1.1235. Let us break down all the elements:

  • Base currency = EUR
  • Quote currency = USD
  • Bid price = 1.1234
  • Ask price = 1.1235
  • Spread: 1.1235 – 1.1234 = 0.0001 (spread of 1 pip)
  • Pip = 1 change of a pip

Let us also cite an example of a Japanese Yen pip where the currency pair USD/ JPY is at 110.00/ 110.02.

  • Base currency = USD
  • Quote currency = JPY
  • Bid price = 11.00
  • Ask price = 11.02
  • Spread: 11.02 – 11.00 = 0.02 (spread of 2 pips)
  • Pip = 2 change of pips

To cap it off

A forex broker’s spread may be different from another forex broker. Forex brokers from other trading platforms have different ways and styles on the way they earn their money.

People have devised more than one way to be successful in trading. A few of these ways are market analyses. A market analysis helps develop trading ideas that they can use to make the right move and go home with hefty profits.

The three types of market analysis

There are generally three kinds of market analysis, and we have listed them in the enumeration below:

  • Technical analysis
  • Fundamental analysis
  • Sentiment analysis

Today, we will tackle the second one, which is the fundamental analysis that tackles social, economic, and political topics.

What is fundamental analysis?

Fundamental analysis is a study of economic data, news reports, and news headlines that affect a price and its direction. Today, there is the massive and comprehensive use of advanced technology like computers, handheld phones, electronic devices, and the internet. Due to this fact, social media ad people can also impact the prices and currency pairs that we trade. Even some of the world’s leaders make remarks and comments about anything under the sun that can massively impact the price direction of a particular currency.

The forex market can be massively affected by economic, social, and political matters. People, especially traders, are monitoring these elements since these can affect the way we trade.

Economics and forex trading

In economics, the main focus is supply and demand as it determines the price. In forex trading, we also look at the angle of supply and demand since it can also determine the exchange rate. If we know which direction the supply and demand go, we will also see where the price heads.

But the question is: how do we know the direction of supply and demand? There are a lot of factors that may determine the status of different economies. Some of these factors include certain events like unemployment and recession. If a country experiences a recession, then the economy is affected. It is like a domino effect since the monetary policy will also get involved, then, later on, this country’s currency demand will also get affected.

So, we can conclude that if a country’s current and the future economic state looks like it is going well, then the currency will also be strong. If the current and future economy is looking at recessions and other problems, then there will be less demand for the currency, making it weak. As a country’s economy strengthens, it is automatic that more foreigners will be interested in investing with them. So, these foreigners will need to buy more of that country’s currency to have the items they want to support.

To summarize fundamental analysis

If a country’s economy is going well, it may need to raise its interest rates to control inflation. Higher interest rates mean more attraction for that country’s financial assets. Traders and investors need to buy the country’s currency first to get these assets. The country’s currency becomes in demand and will be more robust than the others with lesser demand. Fundamental analysis studies these angles in trading. Trading is not just prediction and pure luck. A good trading decision has a solid basis.

If you look at any casino website, you will find several offers and bonuses on the home page. These offers are directed to lure the customers to the website. Several online casino websites exist in the market. These websites are always in a neck-to-neck competition amongst each other so that they can earn more profit. Lending out different kinds of bonuses enables them to stay ahead in the competition.

There are different kinds of casino bonuses available in the market. These bonuses are released with a primary aim to lure customers. Many bonuses are awarded extra rounds or free spins. Some bonuses also add more cash to the deposit amount. Some casino websites also offer free money as bonuses as well. However, it will help if you are careful about such bonuses. There are some important considerations before choosing the bonuses. Some of them are:

  • The types of bonus

There are different types of casino bonuses that the websites offer. It can be in the form of cash, extra rounds, or more winning targets. Each of these types is associated with different benefits for the players. You must look into the list of benefits associated with every type of casino bonus. You must analyze your requirements and then choose the type of bonus that will benefit you.

  • The mode of payment of cash bonuses

If there are some cash bonuses on offer, you need to check the payment mode of such bonuses. Many casino websites transfer the money to your linked bank account. Some casino websites may use a third-party user to pay the money. You need to check whether there is any delay in payment of such cash bonus. Also, it will help if you check whether any previous customers have actually got the bonus.

Another important point to consider is the security of bank details. Most players feel intimidated to share their bank details. If you also feel so, ensure that the website asks for minimal information to transfer money to your bank account.

  • The type of free rewards that are offered

Some casino websites do not restrict their bonus to only cash money. They also give exciting coupons to commonly availed websites. Some of these websites pertain to food, e-marts, salon, etc. You can get some discounts on their services through these coupons.

Check for the application of such coupons that you will get. There are instances where expired coupons are being rewarded. You must check into the website that is related to the coupon. It will also help if you apply the coupon codes and check whether you are actually getting the reward. These steps will make you confident about the coupons that are offered.

These are some of the common considerations that every player makes about casino bonuses. Every player loves to get such casino bonuses, but it is also important not to get swayed by it. You might end up winning a lot of coupons, but none of them turn out to be fruitful. Taking such considerations will help you have a more cautious approach towards using casino bonuses.

Being marked as a gambling game, some rules have been laid for the casino games, where each game has a meticulous set of rules that deviate between every game of casino on the net or website’s setting. The principal difference which comes under intimation is the betting limits that are made necessary on the casino players. Interested people who like to play an online casino game like kiss918 download must rely on renowned websites. You need to be conscious of fake websites. You can pertain to become a member to speculate or play online casinos with the best-known websites and those which have real credibility. Now, the question arises as to how can you choose the best? Are you aware of it which ones are playing for real money?

How to play?

Based upon the broad range of the type of games that you choose to play and the particular skill set which you have you must mark yourself on the level of know-how of playing the gambling game. There are several advantages of playing the gambling game so it is not a revelation that playing the lottery in the world of the digital market is a celebrated business. If you take in an improved skill set then more are the chances of you endearing a prize. Also, another thing which you need to take into consideration is about the game type on which you desire to play is depending on the genuineness of the authorized and legalized websites you select to play it where you can play it fair.

Casino games have become a moderately popular online game in the world of gambling games which is played in modern times all over the internet. Yet, it will still follow the main guidelines which would in the fullness of time allow everyone to practice comfort with the game along with its rules and some major strategies to play the gambling game. The main attractions in online game rooms are that the casino players need not suffer all that tension from the rest of the experienced players to carry out without committing any mistakes thereafter. The amount of capital that the player bets on the online platform vary with that when he plays within the limits of the casino and the former amount is less in amount than the latter. This is one of the major advantages of playing casino games online.

Learn strategies

Several tips and strategies can help you to win the game. No matter how old you become, games always act as a most important source of fun. In recent times all around the world, for an avid game lover in the technology-savvy generation, playing online games is the major source of recreation and entertainment which would in some way provide contentment to them. The online gambling game of casinos is also not an exception to this generation which has become a point of interest for a huge number of game lovers all over the world.

Another facility that can be regarded as a bonus and an outstanding opportunity for you is to play the online casino game for your benefit. You get the opportunity to grab a bigger bite with your logical skills as this is such a platform where you can be successful with real cash prizes almost every day provided you have the accurate set of skills of analytics, mathematics, and reasoning. Thus, a casino game like kiss918 download is such a kind of gambling game that requires you to freshen up your skillset for becoming successful.

When choosing an online casino, there is one factor that is often overlooked by many players – deposit methods. It is important that you check the deposit methods at the onset to have a seamless and enjoyable time. The traditional way of depositing is through debit/credit VISA and Mastercard.

However, more and more players consider PayPal, an eWallet service. This is becoming popular because of its convenient withdrawals. A good online casino provides this option because it means banking without too much hassle.

When you are about to load up your casino account using PayPal, the process is pretty straightforward. To help you get started, here’s how to load your casino account using PayPal before playing:

Identify the casino you want to play

The first thing that you need to do is to identify the casino that you want to play. You should see this site or you can alternatively check the PayPal casino list. It should not stop there because you need to read casino reviews as well. Reading the reviews will give you insight so you can choose carefully.

Sign up for an account

As soon as you found the right casino, it is imperative that you set up an account. When signing up, you will come across different deposit bonuses or promotions. It will be in your best interest to understand these things so you will know how to maximise it.

Locate the deposit option

This should not be a problem because most online casinos will make it obvious how you can deposit money. If you cannot find a button, you should navigate to your user account and find a link so you can start the process of funding your account.

Determine your deposit amount

The next thing that you need to do is to determine your deposit amount. Keep in mind that if you are hoping for a matched deposit bonus, the amount of your deposit will determine the size of the bonus. You only get one chance for the first deposit bonus so it is important that you choose the deposit amount carefully.

Choose PayPal

As mentioned, there are many options available but if you are keen on using PayPal, you should choose PayPal as your deposit method. This action will bring you to a PayPal login screen where you will need to login to your account in order to authorize the payment.

Complete the process

After choosing the deposit method, you should complete the transaction and start enjoying. You must remember though that do you do not need to have any money in your account to fund your deposit. As long as your PayPal account is linked to your bank account, the system will simply pull the money directly.

Learn how to withdraw

When it comes to withdrawing winnings with PayPal, it is equally simple like depositing it. However, you should be aware that not all casinos allow PayPal deposits as a setup to process withdrawals.

With this in mind, it is worth checking the policy of the casino before totally committing. For those who tried PayPal in withdrawing their winnings, they attest that it is the fastest payout available.

There are many similarities between online games and those in a land-based casino, though the versions played online have two advantages. First, they are more convenient; you can play them anywhere, even curled up in bed in your pyjamas. Second, they have unique versions of the classic games everyone loves. Thebes Casino is a prime example of an online casino with a huge assortment of games. Here’s what you can expect there, and at other reputable sites.


One of the oldest games in the world is Blackjack, also known as 21. Players start with two cards and accept a card at a time to reach a score of 21, or as close to it as possible without going over the amount. Players who go over 21 automatically lose the bet. When it is played in a brick and mortar casino, there is a human card dealer. Online versions utilize a random number generator to determine the numbers on the cards dealt. This is one of the more popular games because it’s easy to learn and play.


Video slots are highly entertaining games with a low barrier of entry. Unlike card games, it requires no special skills, making them an excellent introduction to the exciting world of online gaming. You can bet small amounts or higher amounts, so beginners and high rollers alike can enjoy it. Video slots are typically the most popular online games because they are fast-paced and easy to learn.


Every player’s eyes light up when the dealer spins the wheel and the little ball flies around the roulette table. The name roulette is French, which translates into “little wheel.” Roulette has been around for centuries and is an easy game to learn. A small ball is spun on a wheel that has different slots that are either red or black, and each slot is also numbered. There are two green slots, one labeled zero and the other one labelled double zero. The game played online uses a graphic interface to simulate the live version and uses a random number generator to determine the outcome of the spin. Wagers are placed based on the colors and numbers.


This is the ultimate casino game. In brick and mortar casinos you will find both the classic game played with a live dealer, or the video version. Online casinos often use the exact same video poker games found in live casinos, and they are just as much fun. There are different varieties of poker games that depend on the number of cards dealt and different house rules. Two of the most popular online poker games are Deuces Wild and Joker Poker. Payouts are often high with video poker, making them a big draw for players.


The card game Baccarat originated in France by soldiers in the 15th century. Over the years it has become a mainstay in land-based casinos, and now it’s being discovered by online enthusiasts.


No longer relegated to smoky halls, bingo is now one of the most popular games played online. Instead of a bingo caller, the online version uses a random number generator to select the numbers. Most bingo games have fun themes, many of them based on popular movies and televisions shows. One of the fun reasons to play online is that many online gaming sites have chat functionality. This allows players to interact with each other, fostering an exciting atmosphere.

While many players still love the excitement of land-based casinos, more people than ever are discovering their online counterparts. Many of the same games are available, and they are even more convenient and easy to play. Try your hand at virtual gaming today and join in on the fun.

When it comes to online gambling, it’s essential that a person picks the best online casino and the best online slots. This choice will greatly influence the quality of experience and the general outcome. Let’s sum up how to do both things right and enjoy gambling.

How to choose an online casino?

  • Think about your expectations and make sure a casino meets all of them.
  • Find out all about the security it provides in order to be sure you can trust it with your money.
  • Learn about the payment options to have an easy and convenient way to add funds and withdraw the prizes.
  • Discover the catalog of games and slots to see if a casino offers the ones you like.
  • Find out is a casino is licensed, what daily promotions and welcome bonuses are, etc.

How to pick a high-quality slot machine?

  • Choose the games from the leaders in the industry. They are sure to deliver an excellent experience.
  • Try some slots for free before you bet your money. For example, there are free Greentube slots.
  • Don’t forget to check the RTP percentage. The higher it is the more chances you’ve got to win.
  • Consider the theme and choose the one you find the most appealing. You need to remember that it’s not only about victory. It’s equally important to enjoy the game and have fun.

There are so many interesting and engaging online slots nowadays. You can choose the classics or get something exciting like The Alchemist, Book of Ra, Mermaid’s Pearl, etc.

If you are in Thailand and love gambling, it is sheer to hear about the card game of Pok Deng. It is the best gambling experience to enjoy when sitting among buddies. If you love the Thai lifestyle as a gambler playing Pok can change your luck completely. For playing the game right, it is true to know about the daily Thai culture and living styles in specific. It is one of the earliest entertainment games involving bets and wins on a random basis. With constant practice, it is good to have the best hand in sheer and successful gambling.

Dealing with the Pairs and Flushes

It is never too late to know more about Pokdeng online (ป๊อกเด้งออนไลน์). The real name of the card game is Pok Kao. It is the standard form of card gambling in Thailand with the sheer chances of winning one-time big cash. The gamer wins here by shuffling the pairs and flushes, and it are an excellent playing pattern that can accommodate a total of seventeen players at one time. It is easy to start the game with the successful placing of the bets. If you plan to gamble with real cash, then it would be right to maintain the secrecy.

Easy Dealer Nomination

Usually, Pok Deng online games can accommodate several players at one time. However, it is perfect to have three to nine gamers initially. Before starting with the best placement, it is time for the gamer to select the dealer. Nominating the dealer will help you have a steady stay in the game till the end. You can have a switch if you think right when the game is in progress. Normally, the games are short, and the player must gamble with speed. It does not take more than seconds for the game to complete.

Interesting Pok Deng Pattern

It is interesting how the players place the bets in chips, drinks, cash, or candies. It is a game with the dealer and not against the players. The dealing of the card happens in both ways of clockwise and even in the anti-clockwise pattern. In the game, the players hold two of the face-down cards. The remaining cards are there within the draw pile. The game proceeds following the order of the cards. The motion of the game is similar to how the dealer distributes the cards.

Winning Cash through Cards

The Thai style of Pokdeng Online gambling is both unique and universal. The game is easy to play with the right determination and understanding. The more you can speculate, the greater the chances of having considerable Pok Deng win. It is necessary to be fast and prompt when dealing with the cards in the game. Once the payers are there and the dealer is ready, there is no reason to make unnecessary delays. It is right to play from the word go. If you are playing with real cash, it is better to be diligent when placing the bets and collecting the wins.

Your colleagues at work and friends are all signing up to 918kiss, and you are wondering what the buzz is about. If you are still driving all the way to Las Vegas and other casino venues just so that you can play the slots, then you are missing the point. People are doing it right on their phones. You must also be asking yourself what happens to the chance of interacting with other gamblers. Well, that should be the least of your worries. You could still socialize with players that you share the same interests online. Here are the reasons why gamblers are opting for online casinos.

  1. Free Spins

What do they say about free things? Apparently, free things are the best. Unfortunately, this is not something that you will get in any glamorous Las Vegas casino. Note that they are there for the profits. Online casinos, however, are there for something different. The profits and most importantly, to ensure that the players get memorable gambling experience.

For that reason, they will do everything to keep the gamblers locked. That includes free spins. Why not take advantage of the chance to make money without spending a dime.

  1. Convenience

Now, this is where the catch is. Isn’t it amazing that you can play your favorite casino games as you commute home from work or during your lunch break? You can also wake up in the middle of the night and treat yourself to some video poker. The reason why everyone is going for online casinos is the flexibility that comes with it. Anyone would take the chance of being able to play Blackjack without having to queue and wait for their turn to play.

  1. A massive choice of games

People eventually get tired of the same old. As much as the roulette may be your favorite, it is always nice to learn something new and play new games. The beauty of online casinos is that they offer the players a wide array of games to choose from.

It is also very instrumental for the newbies. You do not have to be a pro to enjoy gambling. Trusted 918kiss company and other legit online casinos always provide the new members with resources and help with learning new games. The best part is that they even allow the gamblers to try them out for free before they start making deposits.

Online casinos are convenient in several ways. They also have tons of payment methods, and all the player has to do is pick one that is most convenient for him or her. Sign up to an online casino and join on the fun!

Like every other budding industry, the betting game of casinos has also evolved a lot and has truthfully embraced the digital platform of the online medium. With a lot of entities being so much enthusiastic about exploring and investing in the online gambling space, it is expected to unlock the true potential of the sector in the coming years with the verified online games like mega890. In the years to come, casino entrepreneurs have mostly thrived on quality consumer service and high-value player investment all over the world. The last few years have been discernible as rather positive for the gambling gaming industry, from casino games like slot leagues to everything like the value-driven collaborations and honoring of the gaming industry through awards.

Many cities in different countries have geared up to hold on to the online casino games to an extent that the opening of new casino clubs is accepted every month from here on due to its status is increasing rapidly. In the virtual world of casinos, the player who folds, at last, is unquestionably proclaimed as the winner with far above the ground skills, intelligence along numerical ability.

Increasing Players

The rising number of online casino players is the best testimonial to the incredible fame the sport has witnessed over the last couple of years. While playing online casino games, one thing that you must take into account is that you have a proper concept of range balancing and you are well aware of the features of the game with the guidelines. You can cleanly occupy yourself in it by productively logging on to the internet via your internet provider, followed by involving with a detailed online gambling website and at last getting down to business. It is now supposed that there are hundreds of active casino players all over the globe who make capital out of it.

A concluding way in which playing gambling games via a trustworthy online game like mega890 might be right for you is if you want the convenience of not having to head off from your home to benefit from some gaming activity. Online gambling websites are exceedingly convenient for several reasons among which mostly are advantageous. At first, you do not have to make your way anywhere to play the casino game. For example, collaborations with colleges for organizing cultural fests, charity events with NGO’s and many more such successful strategies were implemented by industrial gambling players to spread awareness, apart from putting forward celebrities as the brand endorsers to accomplish it to a wider set of impending players. Thus, to give a platform to this game, they also have successfully deployed several tools and strategies to go through larger audience segments. Another reason why online casino websites are extremely convenient is that they can allow you to jump right into a game without ever having to wait for a seat to open up.