Do You Know How Can You Play Bluff Card Game?

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The bluff card game that is also available on the website of  PokerBazi is also known as Bullshit, Cheat, and is played in India. Here the players have to lie about their cards in hand to all other participants. Basically, the effort of each player is to get rid of all his cards as quickly as possible.

This game can produce a lot of fun when it is played in a group. This game is also quite popular both online as well as in a group at home. Apparently, the game looks quite easy however, you have to develop expertise while bluffing about your cards so that other participants cannot sense it.

If you are not smart enough then you may end up carrying a whole lot of cards including your own hand too. You can download this app online and it will get you connected with a few random people.

The following are the things to know while playing this bluff card game.

  • Be clear about your objective

You must remember that you have to finish all your cards as early as you can to be a winner in the game.

  • Learn how to bluff effectively

You need to learn how to bluff so that people cannot make out whether you are telling truth or a lie.

  • Know the rules

The following are the rules of this game:

  • If any player prefers to lead then a nomination is necessary.
  • While playing, when the turn comes, then the player has 2 choices – either pass their turn or choose to play.
  • Keep playing till all your cards are exhausted
  • The players who finish all their cards are winners.
  • The joker will be the wild card, and it will always be true like if you have a joker, then you can also call it ace, and it will be considered as true.
  • Play the game

Generally, this game is played with 4 players, but a few more or even a lesser number of people can also play. To begin the game the cards are distributed among the players.

To start, one player will loudly declare, which card he is throwing. He can either tell the truth if he likes or will lie. There will always be a surprise element whether you tell truth or lie.

The other opponents will get to select if the player lied or told the truth. If any opponent ever objects to his bluffing, then he can inspect the card.

In case, the player really bluffed then he will take his card back and the objector will now get the chance to throw his card. However, if the first player was true then the objector must pick that, and then it will be his turn to play.

This will continue till someone will finish all his cards. Whoever can finish his cards earlier is the winner.

There is one more popular game called 3 2 5 card game that is also available on this website, which is also quite popular in India.

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